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Awesome Guilty Crown AMV

Me too…

Me too…


Claire and Chane’s wedding

"Do you take this man to be your husband?"


"She says I do."

Tales of Graces f Official Scenario Book
Interview with Takahiro Sakurai (voice of Asbel Lhant) and Shiho Kawaragi (voice of Cheria Barnes).

This’ll be my final contribution from the scenario book.
High Quality Download: Mediafire Link (PNG)

Gladiolus (Sword lily)

[TOG/Fanfiction] Still Hopelessly Untitled - Prologue [I.], [II.]

There are actually supposed to be three segments to the prologue, but I’m currently struggling with the third (and the title oh my god I can’t come up with a title…). Sooo, I made an executive decision to go ahead and post the first two and continue working on the third. All feedback is beautiful and appreciated. This’ll go up on AO3 once segment three (and the elusive title!) are finalized. I’m totally open to suggestions at this point.

Thanks go to Shai and Kirvee for looking over earlier drafts and offering advice. Thank you.

How do I sell this? Hm. Well, below is the start of a nonlinear multi-chapter fanfiction with an emphasis on plot and character relations. The underlying inspiration is this: What if Asbel had kept in contact with his friends during the seven year timeskip? What if he spent time with Richard? With Cheria? How different could the journey have been? Basically this is a story of uncharted possibilities.

000 prologue. “the currents of rebellion”


Rain fell in a stampede, hammering against rooftops and streaming down marble stairways. A gray sheet of cloudcover hung low, cutting off the tallest spires of the otherwise majestic castle, erasing winged emblems and intricacies from the city’s fine stonework, and curling around her rocky foundations like the tail of an over-large phantom cat. (Let it be noted here, to clear up any confusion, that no phantom cats play a role in this particular story.)

Indeed, it was a rare, miserable day for Barona which normally enjoyed mild, albeit blustery, conditions. Most of her people had sought shelter indoors, huddling over warm drinks and latching windows shut against the oppressive atmosphere. Besides the knights stationed in liberal numbers at each gate, only the most determined shopkeepers and the odd traveler remained outside.

In all truth, the city was being smothered beneath more than the weather. A warrant had been issued for the capture of an enemy of the crown. This warrant hadn’t yet been made public, but word traveled swiftly around the city’s guard (who were not always so guarded when it came to gossip). Among customers of the local pub Tactics, rumors were exchanged with even greater speed so that, within a matter of hours, nearly everyone had already heard the news. And those who hadn’t, well, they were left to draw their own conclusions.

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PS3 テイルズオブグレイセス F 「弟が欲しい」 中文字幕 - YouTube





I feel like Sophie’s asking for a sibling in this skit but I’m not 100% sure of that wtf. 

Pascal: Today is Brother’s Day (March 6th), ain’t it? I wanted a Lil Bro too. [TN: Not 100% sure. She says “Otouto-kun” which is what she usually calls Hubert, but I don’t…….think she’s talking about him specifically???]

Cheria: Pascal wanting something like a brother is unexpected

Pascal: But, I only got sisters at home. Poisson’s like a kid sister too.

Cheria: Now that you mention it, I would also say that I wanted a big brother. Grandpa was distressed about it.

Hubert: The same cannot be said for myself. Cheria knows. I received frequent agony from Asbel.

Asbel: What? What did you say I did?

Hubert: Have you forgotten? Unless there’s been a misunderstanding, you used me as a lab rat and would pinch my cheeks… was frequent abuse!

Asbel: Exaggerated abuse. Isn’t that a kind of expression of love?

Hubert: And just where was the love in that?!

Asbel: I guess your reactions were just so cute that I couldn’t help but do various things like that.

Hubert: In that case, please put yourself in my place and think of how painful the experience was for me.

Pascal: Ahahaha! You two seem to have a good relationship~!

Hubert: What! [TN: Or “Where?!” I’m not sure if he’s still on his “Where in our relationship is love?!” thing]

Pascal: Aah but it’s still good~ I want a Lil Bro too~

Hubert: …………..! P-Please stop talking like that…….!

Pascal: Huh~? Why?

Sophie: Asbel, Cheria? I want a little brother too.

Asbel and Cheria: EH?! Ah…………

Pascal: Huh? What’s the matter with you two?


Tales of Graces f Official Scenario Book
Just some chibi style images from one of the page headers and the back cover (originally blue ink which I swapped to grayscale).

My bad. I completely missed the boys the first time I posted this. They’re included now. :X