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doodle wip

doodle wip

……The girl didn’t remember why she was sleeping on Lhant Hill, her own name or where she came from.

The walking dictionary, Hubert, says that it’s called amnesia, or something like that.


A moment of silence for the fact that we never get to hear Little Shit Asbel call BB!Hubert a “walking dictionary” in the localization (or the original Japanese game AFAIK).

This is a small roughly translated segment of book 1 of the Graces novel.

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I'm really curious since I use markers myself, but I've actually never heard of spectrum noir markers. How do you like using them? Are they pretty decent markers?

They’ve been around for maybe a year now, I think? I noticed them a while back at craft stores (Jo-Anns, AC Moore) - usually with the scrapbooking supplies as opposed to the art section with the Copics, Prismacolors, etc. This is my first time using them, so I’m not sure what my opinion is just yet, but I would say they are pretty decent. They were on sale 50% off, so I decided to give them a whirl (since one Prismacolor is around $4-5 USD a pop at a store and ick). Spectrums are sold in “color ranges” for regularly around $12-15 USD for 6 colors and the sets run as like… reds, blues, teals, purples, neutrals, etc.

With Prismacolors where I live, they only ever seem to have the same basic colors, skintones, and grays in stores so this is good for if you want to grab up a bunch of in-between colors or neutrals for shading and so forth. And unlike Prismacolor sets, you don’t have to purchase a huge set (or order online) to get at the non-basic colors you might want. (But! You’ll have to get multiple ranges… ah-ha! sneaky marketing tactics.) Spectrums are also supposed to be more of a “crafting marker” and usable on fabrics, glass, wood, metal, ceramic, etc but I haven’t tried any of those out…just paper. Like Prismacolor/Sharpie they’re alcohol-based, and you can purchase refills and blenders and other things for them.

My usual marker of choice is Prismacolor (never tried a Copic unfortunately ;;). I notice that Spectrums are a bit thicker (same height) and have a hexagonal shape. So they’re easier to grip but also slightly more unwieldy by comparison? (At least for me.) They have two nibs - an angled wedge shape on the one end and a finer point (very slightly larger than Prismacolor) on the other which is marked on the black plastic of the marker (unlike Prismacolor who seems to have stopped marking which end is which recently).

From what I could tell from one drawing, they don’t seem to blend/cover quite as evenly as Prismacolors do on their own (I don’t use blenders), but they’re definitely a step up from, say, Sharpies. It’s a bit difficult to tell what shade of purple’s what as they are labeled like: LV1, LV2, LV3, PL2, PL4, PL5 and there’s a bit of a jump in darkness/saturation between some of them. The colors are nice and bright, though, and like Prismacolors they do bleed/expand a bit on paper.

So yeah, they’re not a bad option if you’re looking to save a little money by comparison. I think I still prefer Prismacolor, but I don’t dislike them or anything. My impression may change as I work with them more and get to know them better, but hopefully this helps a little bit!. /o;;

My creative drive keeps croaking it, but I wanted to try out the Spectrum Noir markers because they were on sale; this is what I came up with. I actually got purple set so I’d have something to color Sophie’s hair with.

My creative drive keeps croaking it, but I wanted to try out the Spectrum Noir markers because they were on sale; this is what I came up with. I actually got purple set so I’d have something to color Sophie’s hair with.

Bar Scene Clip
Hiroki Touchi, Takahiro Sakurai, Kana Hanazawa, Takahiro Mizushima

This is (probably) my favorite scene from the drama! I was earnestly asked for more Malik content, so hopefully this will fit the bill. Unfortunately the guy doesn’t get as much love or merchandise as he deserves, but he does grace the back of the CD case and he also appears on the physical CD.

From what I can understand of this CD (please note my Japanese comprehension is REALLY NOT THAT GREAT), Cheria and Frederic are kidnapped by a group of mysterious masked fighters who seem just a little…familiar. Asbel, Hubert, and Sophie, after receiving the news, proceed to Riot Peak where they must challenge each of these warriors and ascend to the summit to save their friends. Oh yes, and the warriors also happen to be named after fruits. I couldn’t tell for sure if it was “Masque de” (which is the original naming convention for The Mask of Barona, I think(?), as well as several other masked characters including a fake identity Asbel takes on in another drama “Masque de A”) or just “Masked”. I’ve been going by the latter for simplicity’s sake. Take that as you will.

The main fighters are:
Masked Melon (Richard), who is having way too much fun as a villain
Masked Banana (Pascal), who seems to think she’s a monkey
Masked Cherry (Malik), who is too smooth to be believed

And additionally:
Masked Orange (Victoria), who becomes a temporary party member
Masked Lemon/Masked Raymond (Raymond), who totally fails at stealth
Masked Pear (Bailey), who is his accomplice

There is one final fighter as well. Any guesses?

I uploaded this clip because I love the smooth bar music and the seductive way in which Malik says his name. It’s so ridiculous haha. :3b

Sunscreen Rangers Clip
Takahiro Sakurai, Takahiro Mizushima, Daisuke Namikawa, Shiho Kawaragi

The whole CD is incredibly silly (in a cracktastic way), but this is still one of my favorite parts.


Bandai Namco’s Tales of Zestiria booth at the Tokyo Game Show!



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Higher Resolution Scan of Cheria Barnes Groovy Chat Study Image (dropbox)
from Tales of Graces Complete Guide

Tales of Graces Complete Guide
Enhanced and blurred the top one a little and took the credits out of both.